Friday, January 13, 2012

Barefoot up Scafell Pike

When my Niece her husband  and me decided to go up Scafell Pike I was just glad of the opportunity and when he decided to do it barefoot I wasn't concerned..They were camping up the lakes so  we arranged to meet at the Old Dungeon Ghyll pub..When they turned up riding a tandem I knew I was in for something less ordinary than one of my usual walks.

I was all prepared with my usual walking boots and rucksack with every conceivable thing you could need when Tom announced he was going to try it barefooted and Kirsty said she would be ok in her wellys! I persuaded Kirsty to at least try my wife's boots on and when they fit her I felt more comfortable myself.
Tom does have rather large feet.

I know how quickly things can turn to S**t on these hills but I  had studied the MWIS weather forecast and they predicted a short break in the recent bad weather so off we went..

As we crossed the foot bridge over Rosset Gill there were a group of guys repairing the worn away footpath. Tom got some second glances as he strode confidently from rock to rock on  his size 12's'.
Further on we came across a small patch of Sundew plants.Tom being a keen environmentalist had a smile from ear to ear when he saw these, I tried to photograph them but it came out  wonky.

When we got to Angle tarn I wasn't in the least surprised when Tom decided to go for a swim.
From here on up the ground becomes very rocky but it did nothing to slow Tom's progress and soon we were at the top.

Tom wanted to go one higher so he promptly climbed the trip point to the amazement of the other walkers.

Tom comes from a family with lots of walking experience. His father has walked the entire length of the English coast. When ever he came to an estuary he simply swam across. He started this mammoth undertaking in his teens and finished when he was in his mid fifties..
Coming down from Scafell Pike Kirsty offered me a piece of Marmite flavored chocolate..It is the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted and I spent the next few miles trying to spit it out..
When we got back down to Angle tarn we decided that as the weather was nice we would do Bowfell as well.

Here they are on top of Bowfell, the air was so clear we could see the Isle of Man in the distance. On the way back down the Band we passed this lovely cottage.
When we got back we had a pint in the Old Dungeon Ghyll. This place doesn't seem to have changed in the forty years I known it and I bet it could tell a few tales from the things that have happened here over the years.
So we managed our walk and Tom's feet seemed no worse for it..After we said our goodbyes Tom and kirsty got on their tandem and rode off back to their tent ..